LFOD Radio 5.4.21

LFOD Radio 5.4.21 #LFODMix
5.4.21 #LFODMix

Submissions! Shoutout to all the artists who sent records for this week’s mix and shoutout to all of ya’ll for spreading the word! We posted that we were looking for new music and the tags started flowing in… Really love that this is the energy circulating right now.

Enjoyed putting this mix together and we had plenty of songs left over, so we’ll be rocking straight submissions again next week. Artists – if you’re feeling left out, send us your records right now.

We’ll be live again next Tuesday at 10pm, both streaming right here and on 91.5FM in Boston.

Did you see our van? The build starts tomorrow, so stay tuned. Plenty of updates on the way.

We’re on Twitter & Instagram as well, plus YouTube.

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DJ Slick Vick #LFODMix (4.27.21)

DJ Slick Vick #LFODMix (4.27.21)
DJ Slick Vick on LFOD Radio

Been a minute since we’ve handed the reins off… DJ Slick Vick takes control this week, bringing some new flavors to LFOD Radio. So far this year, we’ve had DJ Manipulator, DJ Candy Raine, DJ STIX, & Jeff 2Timez. Who could be next?

If you want to hear more from Slick Vick, you can catch her every Sunday from 1-3pm on Spark FM and connect with her on Instagram / Twitter.

We’ll be live again next Tuesday at 10pm, both streaming right here and on 91.5FM in Boston. ARTISTS – we’ll be spinning submissions, so send us your records.

Oh, and did you see our van?

We’re on Twitter & Instagram as well, plus YouTube.

LFOD x Van Life

What Would You Do?

So here’s something… We have a van now. I know what I could do with it, but I’m curious about you? If this was your van, what would you build back there?

Here’s a tour & preview of our vision so far…

LFOD Life x Van Life

But again… what would you do? Or better yet, what would you want to see US do? Cause you’ll be watching/hearing the results of this grand experiment.

Comment below, hit us on IG, Twitter, or send us an e-mail. Always here for the conversation.

LFOD Radio 4.20.21

21.4.20 LFOD Radio Playlist
LFOD Radio – 420 Mix

This is more than just a 420 mix, it’s what we’re hoping is the first of many collaborations with YOU. We posted on our socials asking what your favorite smoke anthems were and this is what came back. Actually, we had too many songs to fit in one playlist. We got creative though – the backing track to our intro is Mack 10’s Take a Hit courtesy of TonyWhiteDDM, and Bone Thugs’ Buddah Lovaz is in the next interlude. The rest… stay tuned.

You know we’re live every Tuesday at 10pm, both streaming right here and on 91.5FM in Boston. Next week we’re joined by DJ Slick Vick, who’ll be getting busy with her very own LFOD Mix. Can not wait for that.

Artists, we’ll be spinning submissions again soon, so hit us up. In addition to these mixes, we have a weekly newsletter where we share your videos.

How’d we do on the mix? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram, or comment below.

A Conversation with Teddy Meanface

Teddy Meanface Interview with LFOD Life
Teddy Meanface Interview with LFOD Life

Teddy Meanface was the first interview on our 2020 roadtrip. It was also his first interview ever! Shoutout to King Philip for suggesting we link with him. And shoutout Latrell James for answering Teddy’s DM, which led to their collaboration, which led to KP meeting him in the first place… That’s really how these things happen.

Teddy has a background in jazz and started making beats once he began to seriously pursue rapping. He was having trouble finding the production he wanted, so figured he’d learn to make it himself. Along the way, he began supplying beats to other artists as well. We had an interesting convo about this evolution and his thought process as an artist. He’s very aware of how fans consume music and likewise, how he presents himself.

Listen to Odd Boy II here and everywhere and connect with Teddy on Instagram or Twitter.

We’d love to hear from you, too – Comment below, on IG, Twitter, or send us an e-mail. Who do YOU want us to talk to?

Teddy Meanface talks about his music
Latrell James – Grateful [Produced by Teddy Meanface]

LFOD Radio 4.13.21

4.13.21 LFOD Radio
LFOD Radio 4.13.21

First things first – Rest in peace Earl Simmons. This is one of those situations where what’s understood doesn’t need to be explained, so I’ll leave it at that.

We’ve had a lot of artists patiently waiting for us to spin their records, so that’s what this week’s mix is about. Last round of submissions was full of melodies – we kept it a bit more bar heavy this time around. Artists, you can hit us up whenever. In addition to these mixes, we have a weekly newsletter where we share your videos.

We’re also pretty active on Twitter & decent at Instagram as well. Always here for the conversation.

Speaking of which – Next week our show falls on 4/20…. What are you trying to hear?

We’re back next Tuesday at 10pm on 91.5FM in Boston & streaming right here.

If you missed our #24in24 episode, you can relive that here.

Bonus DMX Mix

A Conversation with Lightfoot (Beats)

Lightfoot Beats interview LFOD
Lightfoot Beats Interview w/ LFOD

Lightfoot Beats x LFOD – From the vaults! On October 25th, 2019 the Hipstory homies took over the MFA Boston for the Hipstoric Night at The Museum II. What a night! I believe the final head count was over 1,000 people. It was not too long ago that hip-hop was struggling to find venues in Boston. Very excited to get back to the momentum that was rolling pre-pandemic…

We were able to sit down with a few of the artists who performed that night. Our interviews with Loman & Stiggity Stackz are embedded below, but right now we’re partying with Lightfoot. This night was a party indeed, but we caught up with him shortly after his *third* set of the night. You see the coffee…it’s probably 10pm at the earliest. Great convo – we talked in depth about his process & philosophy regarding art and why Rilla Force is the best producer ever, with lots of laughs in between.

What’s Lightfoot been up to in the meantime? Well, he drops new music almost daily on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter… wherever you want to hear it. He just released a new album, Camp 4 at the top of the year, as well. And there’s most definitely more to come. Stay tuned.

We’d love to hear from you, too – Comment below, on IG, Twitter, or send us an e-mail. Whatever works!

LOMAN Interview with LFOD
Stiggity Stackz Interview with LFOD

LFOD Radio 4.6.21 – #24in24 Anniversary

LFOD Radio 4.6.21 #24in24 Anniversary
#24in24 – 24 Songs in 24 Hours by 24 Artists

Tomorrow marks the four year anniversary of #24in24‘s release. The album itself was created on March 25, 2017, when we invited 24 of our favorite artists to record 24 songs in 24 hours at The Bridge Sound & Stage in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

If this is your first time hearing about the album or you’d like to revisit some of the standout tracks, press play on the mix below. We’ve also sprinkled in some commentary from the artists involved. It truly was an incredible day.

One thing we keep hearing from artists is that we’re overdue for another. What do you think? Let us know below or on Twitter/Instagram. We’re always here for the conversation.

To stream the full album, watch music videos, and/or add to your collection – click on any of these words.

We’re back next Tuesday at 10pm on 91.5FM in Boston & streaming right here.

Pure submissions next week, so ARTISTS: Hit us up.

A Conversation with Jabs Supreme (Wealthy Records)

Jabs Supreme x LFOD Life x Wealthy Records
Jabs Supreme x Wealthy Records x LFOD Life

We’re gonna be dropping new interviews every week, going forward. Here’s another convo from early 2020, right before things went left. Ya’ll said we had to check in with Cyanca & LORD JAH-MONTE OGBON while we were in Charlotte. So, of course that happened – but we wanted to dig a bit deeper as well. Before meeting Cyanca, we asked if there was a local business she wanted to shoot at so we could spread highlight one of the city’s creative spaces.

Enter: Wealthy Records & Jabari, aka Jabs. He is the president & CEO of this Charlotte based recording studio, event-curation company, and artist collective. They roll deep too – you’re going to want to have a pen ready or your IG pulled up so you can tap in with everybody. We talked about the group of artists, their vision, what it really means to be “wealthy”, and the state of hip-hop in Charlotte. Things sounded like they were really picking up steam, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next once outside is back to 100%.

As always, we’d love to hear from you!. Comment below, on IG, Twitter, or send us an e-mail. Whatever works!

Jabs Supreme introduces us to Wealthy Records

LFOD Radio 3.30.21 – Nipsey Hussle Tribute

Nipsey Hussle LFOD Radio 3.30.21
RIP Nipsey Hussle 8/15/85 – 3/31/19

Not much to add that isn’t expressed in the mix… Nipsey Hussle was a one-of-one & an inspiration to millions. He shared his blueprint for success with us as he crossed goals off his bucket list with every release. From Slauson to the world, he dreamed big and lived his visions.

Every mixtape offered a new feel as he grew as an artist and person. And for what felt like forever, he kept telling us “Victory Lap coming soon”. In the meantime, we got Crenshaw, Mailbox Money, Slauson Boy 2… His mixtape catalogue is one of the strongest out.

He also introduced the Proud 2 Pay model, selling 1,000 copies of Crenshaw for $100 a piece and then 100 copies of Mailbox Money for $1,000. Or you could log on to DatPiff.com. Up to you.

When Victory Lap finally came, it truly felt like one. I’m just glad he was around to take it. Just over a year later, he was murdered outside his now-famous Marathon clothing store.

These are some of our favorites from his decade plus run of music, highlighting the different flavors he offered along the way.

Any comments/questions/records you’d add, tap in with us on Twitter/Instagram & let us know – or drop a comment below.

***UPDATE*** – Some people are having issues with Mixcloud for copyright reasons. Spotify playlist below as well.

We’re back next Tuesday at 10pm on 91.5FM in Boston & streaming right here.

Artists! Hit us up.

And if you’re curious about having more success with submissions in general, we just dropped a video breaking down the science. Follow those tips and you’ll do well.