The #StateOfNEHH

What is the #StateOfNEHH? For the past four years, we’ve gathered with artists and industry professionals to discuss the State of New England Hip-Hop. This year we’re back to ask: what does it mean to be a regional artist in 2020? How do you cut through the digital noise to reach your listeners? Our goal, as always, is to pull back the curtain and push the convo.

We’re live right here on January 7th at 6:30pm EST. Rilla Force will be starting the night with a DJ set, and then we’ll be joined by by Brandie Blaze, Brandon Matthews, CAEV, and Jessica Richards for the panel. Huge shoutout to Arielle Gray & Amelia Mason from WBUR for helping to put this together.

The past few #StateOfNEHH panels have been loaded with gems – watch/listen below to get up to speed.

If you have questions/topics you’d like to hear addressed, please let us know using the form below or by hitting us on Twitter @LFODRadio_

Questions? Comments?

Our Top Shares of 2020

Cakeswagg has been lit all 2020, dropping bars every Tuesday for her fans. Tap-in.

We’ve been sharing more music than ever this year. We’re on the radio every week dropping new mixes, we tapped in with artists across the country for Season VI of the LFOD Radio podcast, and we launched our submissions form to make it easy for ya’ll to send us your art. When we say ya’ll, we mean artists, fans, and everyone in between. It’s been dope connecting with so many different people this year.

When we hear/see something, we say something! We do most of our sharing on Twitter and Facebook where we can post links, but there’s some gems on our Instagram as well.

We looked back through the analytics and put together this list of our audience’s favorites from January through November 2020. Some of these may be brand new to you, others could be welcome reminders… It’s been a wild year – not easy to keep track of all that’s happened.

Let us know what you think! And if you’ve got something you’d like us to share, we’re here for it!

And now the music… No particular order.

Caliph – Jog Your Memory/Melanin

Alex Place popped up in one of our IG Lives with his laptop and brought this one to our attention. Dope video. Caliph did his thing on the new SuperSmashBroz record as well.

K.A.A.N. – The Escape

K.A.A.N. (Knowledge Above All Nonsense) popped onto our radar heavy this year. We shared a few of his videos, but this was your favorite!

Open Mike Eagle – I’m a JoeStar

Not gonna front like we knew what a JoeStar was before this hit our inbox, but a lot of ya’ll definitely did and we have a much better idea now. From Open Mike Eagle‘s Anime , Trauma, and Divorce.

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The Hustler’s Circle

This design came about organically over the course of several conversations this year. We’ve been going live every week on IG, meeting new artists and catching up with old friends. A lot of the conversations have been about adjusting to the new ways of the world. A few artists have been very open in sharing their advice and predictions. At some point, we realized we were attracting natural entrepreneurs… hustlers. It became a place to make connections and build your skillset. This “circle of hustlers” we’d formed led me to brainstorm on what could visually represent our mentality, resulting in the hoodie you see here.

Every successful community is a mini-economy of emotional, ideological, and monetary currencies. The better you are at circulating these, the stronger & more protected you are from outside forces. We circulate our dollars within the arts, so this just made sense. If you want to manifest some circulation of your own, you can pre-order now. Available in black as well.

Curious to hear your thoughts – How’d we do?

Hustler’s Circle Hoodie




Circulation is the name of the game. Quite possibly the comfiest hoodie you’ve ever worn. Made from soft, midweight fleece (80% cotton / 20% polyester), with a 100% cotton outer layer. The hood is jersey lined, with a heavy gauge drawcord and metal eyelets. It also features 1×1 ribbing at the cuffs and waistband, split stitch double needle sewing on all the seams, and twill neck tape. 


Sizing chart in the photos.


#24in24 is an album we created with 24 of our favorite artists, who recorded 24 songs in 24 hours. Download includes the full album, as well as the clean version and front and back cover art.


Active duty & veterans, enter promo code “Military” at checkout for 15% off. Thank you for serving.

Live Free or Die. #LFOD

#24in24 Bundle