LFOD Radio Ep. 85 (Featuring THHT Fam)

The Hip-Hop Transformation is a dope summer program offered by the city of Cambridge that gives students the chance to push their artistry to new levels, while learning what it takes not only to make it as a musician but how to have a positive impact on the world around them. This is their third visit to LFOD Radio, and every year they bring something new to the table. Tune in & learn about the FAM.

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LFOD Logo Re-Design Contest

Are you an artist? Do you like spray paint? Then this is the contest for you. We’ve teamed up with Kulturez Dynasty to give away a year’s worth of Belton (three cans per month) to whoever comes up with the best re-design of our logo. Even better, you can get 10% off all supplies bought at Kulturez in pursuit of your vision. Use any medium you like. Just make sure to follow the guidelines above. The winner will be announced this December, and your year of free paint will start in January 2016. Let’s see what you’ve got.