A Conversation with Jasper Brown

Jasper Brown x LFOD Life Interview
Jasper Brown Interview with LFOD Life

Jasper Brown titled his latest album Purposeful, so we think he’ll understand the pause between our convo and the release of this interview. We’ve been getting everything aligned & taking our time to re-introduce ourselves and our movements. You saw the van – that’s just a piece of the puzzle.

More about us later, though: We linked up with Jasper through 16BitSpit, who produced Purposeful in it’s entirety. Our convo followed the theme of the album, touching on what it means to live mindfully, how to approach music promotion in that manner, and Jasper’s Massachusetts roots. We’ve gotta shoutout Brain Rapp as well, who introduced Bump ‘n Grind coffee as a location for the interview. Swing through next time you’re in Silver Springs!

Peep the interview and music below & connect with Jasper on Instagram.

Jasper Brown x #ExtraBars Freestyle
Jasper Brown Interview

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LFOD x Van Life

What Would You Do?

So here’s something… We have a van now. I know what I could do with it, but I’m curious about you? If this was your van, what would you build back there?

Here’s a tour & preview of our vision so far…

LFOD Life x Van Life

But again… what would you do? Or better yet, what would you want to see US do? Cause you’ll be watching/hearing the results of this grand experiment.

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A Conversation with Teddy Meanface

Teddy Meanface Interview with LFOD Life
Teddy Meanface Interview with LFOD Life

Teddy Meanface was the first interview on our 2020 roadtrip. It was also his first interview ever! Shoutout to King Philip for suggesting we link with him. And shoutout Latrell James for answering Teddy’s DM, which led to their collaboration, which led to KP meeting him in the first place… That’s really how these things happen.

Teddy has a background in jazz and started making beats once he began to seriously pursue rapping. He was having trouble finding the production he wanted, so figured he’d learn to make it himself. Along the way, he began supplying beats to other artists as well. We had an interesting convo about this evolution and his thought process as an artist. He’s very aware of how fans consume music and likewise, how he presents himself.

Listen to Odd Boy II here and everywhere and connect with Teddy on Instagram or Twitter.

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Teddy Meanface talks about his music
Latrell James – Grateful [Produced by Teddy Meanface]

A Conversation with Lightfoot (Beats)

Lightfoot Beats interview LFOD
Lightfoot Beats Interview w/ LFOD

Lightfoot Beats x LFOD – From the vaults! On October 25th, 2019 the Hipstory homies took over the MFA Boston for the Hipstoric Night at The Museum II. What a night! I believe the final head count was over 1,000 people. It was not too long ago that hip-hop was struggling to find venues in Boston. Very excited to get back to the momentum that was rolling pre-pandemic…

We were able to sit down with a few of the artists who performed that night. Our interviews with Loman & Stiggity Stackz are embedded below, but right now we’re partying with Lightfoot. This night was a party indeed, but we caught up with him shortly after his *third* set of the night. You see the coffee…it’s probably 10pm at the earliest. Great convo – we talked in depth about his process & philosophy regarding art and why Rilla Force is the best producer ever, with lots of laughs in between.

What’s Lightfoot been up to in the meantime? Well, he drops new music almost daily on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter… wherever you want to hear it. He just released a new album, Camp 4 at the top of the year, as well. And there’s most definitely more to come. Stay tuned.

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LOMAN Interview with LFOD
Stiggity Stackz Interview with LFOD

A Conversation with Jabs Supreme (Wealthy Records)

Jabs Supreme x LFOD Life x Wealthy Records
Jabs Supreme x Wealthy Records x LFOD Life

We’re gonna be dropping new interviews every week, going forward. Here’s another convo from early 2020, right before things went left. Ya’ll said we had to check in with Cyanca & LORD JAH-MONTE OGBON while we were in Charlotte. So, of course that happened – but we wanted to dig a bit deeper as well. Before meeting Cyanca, we asked if there was a local business she wanted to shoot at so we could spread highlight one of the city’s creative spaces.

Enter: Wealthy Records & Jabari, aka Jabs. He is the president & CEO of this Charlotte based recording studio, event-curation company, and artist collective. They roll deep too – you’re going to want to have a pen ready or your IG pulled up so you can tap in with everybody. We talked about the group of artists, their vision, what it really means to be “wealthy”, and the state of hip-hop in Charlotte. Things sounded like they were really picking up steam, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next once outside is back to 100%.

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Jabs Supreme introduces us to Wealthy Records

A Conversation with Doe Cigapom

DC native Doe Cigapom talks gogo, hip-hop, gentrification, education, & more

Pre-COVID flow right here. Last year started with an LFOD road trip & Sam traveling from city to city meeting artists that ya’ll recommended. The homie TonyWhiteDDM strongly recommended we link with Doe Cigapom while in Atlanta.

Though he resides in Decatur now, Doe’s story is that of life in the District of Columbia, Chocolate City, Washington, DC… He played drums in gogo bands growing up, experienced the extreme changes his city has gone through over the years, and found solace as an educator and MC.

We got into all of that and more in this convo. Watch the video above, catch some bars below & connect with Doe Ciga on Instagram for more.

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#ExtraBars from Doe Cigapom
D.O.E. C.I.G.A.P.O.M. – Lord’s Willin’ / 2020

Interview with The Record Co

Matt & Maria from The Record Co share their vision & update us on the new space!

The Record Co is a Boston-based community space for musicians, featuring four brand new recording studios, 15 rehearsal spaces, and all the bells and whistles you’d expect from such a location.

They were mid-renovation when COVID hit, so they made sure to include a top-notch HVAC system, as well. Each room has it’s own totally independent airflow. We talked more about safety and a LOT more about the music they’re ready to make in today’s interview.

These guys have a great mission, an exciting vision for the future, and they get things done! Definitely tap in when you can.

Long time listeners may recognize the name… Season VI of the LFOD Radio podcast was recorded at their Newbury St. location last year and we spoke at length with Jesse about their Beast compilation when that dropped in 2017.

Q.N.C. Entertainment Interview

Q.N.C. Entertainment Industry Insight Ep. 1: LFOD Radio

LFOD Radio host & founder, Uncle Sam, joins DJ Mic Lamb of Q.N.C. Entertainment for the first episode of their new Industry Insight series. If you’re curious how & why we started, not to mention what we’re up to and where we’re going, then this interview is for you.

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LFOD Radio interview with DJ Mic Lamb, QNC Entertainment

LFOD Radio Ep. 175 (Season VI Finale)

In the Season VI Finale, Sam and A-Ball take a look back at this year’s adventures, both on and off the mics. With 25 episodes spanning from Boston to Pensacola, there was a lot to talk about. What stood out from each conversation? What is everyone up to now? Tune in to find out. Thank you for growing with us this year. 

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LFOD Radio Ep. 174 (Featuring HelloSIXX & Miles Stone)

HelloSIXX and Miles Stone are two Atlanta artists with very different stories and likewise, different perspectives on the city. SIXX grew up in Atlanta & focused her energy on basketball through college, switching gears after graduation. Miles grew up in the North Carolina countryside and rode his trombone playing to a scholarship in the city, where he found his creative partners. Lots of game within!

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#ExtraBars & video of the convos below: