The Sixth Annual Alumni Cypher

The Sixth Annual LFOD Alumni Cypher

We’re proud to present the Sixth Annual LFOD Alumni Cypher, featuring Brandie Blaze, Time & Lepp, Jon Hope, TonyWhiteDDM, Bakari JB, Everett Gibbons, Darius Heywood, YN Prop, Ryan Easter, Tim Nihan, Daniel Laurent, ANSON RAP$, Chatham The SUN, Bugout, Kay Wattz, Mark Merren, and Miles Stone. All of these MCs are past guests of LFOD Radio, so if someone catches your ear, click their name to learn more. Many have also appeared in past cyphers, as well.

The 2020 Alumni Cypher was made possible with support from Wreck Shop Movement, Lifted Smoking Goods, New England Noize, Beat Club Podcast, and our patrons.

Live Free or Die.

LFOD Radio Ep. 174 (Featuring HelloSIXX & Miles Stone)

HelloSIXX and Miles Stone are two Atlanta artists with very different stories and likewise, different perspectives on the city. SIXX grew up in Atlanta & focused her energy on basketball through college, switching gears after graduation. Miles grew up in the North Carolina countryside and rode his trombone playing to a scholarship in the city, where he found his creative partners. Lots of game within!

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#ExtraBars & video of the convos below: