DJ Candy Raine #LFODMix (3.3.21)

LFOD Radio DJ Candy Raine 3.2.21

Now this mix is about to be different than anything you’ve heard on LFOD Radio before. We’re joined by DJ Candy Raine, who gets downright nasty for the full hour. Not only that, but she manages to include 50+ artists in the soiree.

We’ve known Candy since the early days, whether she was winning Hoop-Hop chips, DJing at The Workout, or making moves with Code Eclectic. A few years ago she moved to Atlanta, where she’s actively DJing and also a part of the CareFreeBlackGirl movement & The Playbook ATL Show. You can also catch her on Spark FM every Tuesday & Wednesday from 3-5pm. She does a lot! And we’ll be dropping an interview with more about that soon, but right now it’s time to press play on her latest mix.

We’ve been loving the guest DJ flow so far – already this year we’ve had DJ STIX & Jeff 2Timez, with another guest lined up for later this month. Anyone you’d like to hear? Let us know on Twitter/Instagram or drop a comment below.

And Artists! We’re spinning straight submissions next week, so hit us with some heat!!

We’re back next Tuesday at 10pm on 91.5FM in Boston & streaming right here.