8.17.21 LFOD Radio – Deejay Dex #LFODMix

LFOD Radio 8.17.21 – Deejay Dex #LFODMix

Ya’ll give it up for Deejay Dex! THOROUGH guest mix from him today, full of new & classic Boston hip-hop. Excited to share these artists with you. We’ll be tagging them all on our socials too, so be sure to connect with everyone there as well.

We’re spinning pure submissions next week, so if YOU are an artist, hit us up.

We’ll be live again next Tuesday at 10pm, both streaming right here and on 91.5FM in Boston.

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LFOD Radio Ep. 137 (Featuring DJ Real P)


Real P makes his return to LFOD Radio…exactly 100 episodes later. We promise that wasn’t planned – it’s wild how these things line up sometimes. A lot has changed since then, but he’s stayed on his upward trajectory through the music industry. We touched on a lot of topics – what artists he’s rocking with, advice for other artists looking to get his ear, and what his expectations are for the future.

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He hit us with a live mix as well – make sure to check that, too.

LFOD Radio Ep. 46

Lots of music, very little talking in this episode of LFOD Radio. We kicked things off with a round of social commentary from Cassisus the 5th, Jeremiah Jae, Gift of Gab, Murs, and more. Uncle Sam gives an update on the LFOD Alumni Cypher as well, before closing things out with a round of Boston hip-hop featuring songs from Casso & Dutch Rebelle.