LFOD Radio 1.5.21

LFOD Radio 1.5.21

Our favorites from December 2020! Let us know what you’re rocking with!

Excited to get into ’21. Got a few announcements on the way. We’re live every Tuesday at midnight on 91.5FM in Boston & streaming right here.

As always, shoutout to all the artists sending us records.

Q.N.C. Entertainment Interview

Q.N.C. Entertainment Industry Insight Ep. 1: LFOD Radio

LFOD Radio host & founder, Uncle Sam, joins DJ Mic Lamb of Q.N.C. Entertainment for the first episode of their new Industry Insight series. If you’re curious how & why we started, not to mention what we’re up to and where we’re going, then this interview is for you.

Questions of your own? Hit us whenever. Twitter is great, too, if you want to discuss in public. Or you could always pop into our next IG live, any Tuesday at 9pm.

LFOD Radio interview with DJ Mic Lamb, QNC Entertainment