21.9.7 LFOD Radio – DJ Deadeye [REWIND]

LFOD Radio 9.7.21 – DJ Deadeye [REWIND]

REWIIIIIIIND – This week’s mix features new music from a number of artists who may or may not be on your radar, as well as a replay of DJ Deadeye‘s classic #LFODMix from the top of 2020. We recorded a podcast with him as well, which is full of gems for upcoming DJs. Press play below!

If you missed DJ BeanZ mix last week, you’re going to want to run that back next.

We’ll be live again next Tuesday at 10pm, both streaming right here and on 91.5FM in Boston. Spinning straight submissions, so Artists… Hit us up!

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Artists, as always, we’d love to spin your records.

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LFOD Radio 7.20.21 #LFODMix

LFOD Radio 7.20.21 #LFODMix

Back to the submissions this week – here’s some of the best records from our inbox. Artists – you can send us your music here.

We set the show off with Notepook P, who just wrapped up his #TinyDAPConcert performance. We’re proud to be co-presenting that series. Video embedded below.

Busy week – we’re running a new contest where YOU can vote on your favorite artist & give them a month straight of airplay and more. Details on our Twitter/Instagram/Facebook.

We’ll be live again next Tuesday at 10pm, both streaming right here and on 91.5FM in Boston.

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LFOD Radio 2.16.21

21.2.16 LFOD Radio

And we are BACK. The COVID knocked me out of commission for a minute, but luckily not for too long. Here’s some of what’s been sent our way so far in February. What have you been jamming on?

If you missed our Best of January or Jeff 2Timez mix, would definitely recommend giving those a spin next. Some heat for sure.

We’re back next Tuesday at 10pm on 91.5FM in Boston & streaming right here. New time! Excited to reach some new listeners.

Artists, click right over here to send us your records & get in the mix.

Our Favorite Spins from January! – LFOD Radio

21.2.2 LFOD Radio Playlist

A new month means another look back at our favorite submissions. These are the tracks that stood out from January. Had a lot of fun putting this mix together. It covers a lot of ground, but flows pretty naturally.

We also had a guest mix from Jeff 2Timez last week with some of his favorite records from Boston right now. No overlap, so if you missed that definitely check it out next!

We’re back next Tuesday at midnight on 91.5FM in Boston & streaming right here.

Artists, send us your records!