New Music every month.

I’ve been releasing a new song on the first Thursday of each month since November 2018, then hitting the studio and recording another one that night.

It’s been an incredible and freeing experience for me. Not only have I gotten more comfortable as an artist, but I’m able to really communicate through music. Each song is almost a live look at how I’m feeling at that very moment and strung together, they tell my story.

For those that want even more insight, we’ve been recording the actual recording process and putting out five minute behind the scenes podcasts on Soundcloud.

And finally, if you don’t want to wait a whole month to hear the new record, Patrons are getting them as soon as I get home from the studio. The mix is a little rough, but their feedback helps us pull it together.

You can listen now on Spotify, Apple, Audiomack, Bandcamp, Tidal, etc or stream right below.