21.7.27 LFOD Radio – #LFODFanFav Finalists!

LFOD Radio 7.27.21 #LFODMix

Big mix this week!! Not only did we have some heavy submissions sitting in our inbox, but we announced the Top Three finalists for our #LFODFanFav contest! You can vote for your favorite below. The winner will get a month of airplay and more!

We’ll be announcing the winners live next Tuesday at 10pm, both streaming right here and on 91.5FM in Boston.

Fans who subscribe to our newsletter will get the results ahead of time… Plus have new mixes, videos, and interviews delivered regularly right to their inbox!

Artists – We’ll be spinning more submissions next week: send us your music here.

Voting for the #LFODFanFav is now closed.

Who's Your Favorite?

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