Boston Hip Hop: Do You Know these Artists?


Before we begin – Not all of these artists are from Boston. There’s talent all over New England, but people from outside are much more likely to Google “Boston Hip-Hop” or “Boston rapper” than Lynn, Cambridge, Brockton, Massachusetts, etc… We’ll make it clear where each artist is from in their section but if we want to see growth, we’ve got to meet folks where they’re coming from. Right now, Boston is the window through which we’re seen. Long-time followers know that we #RepNewEngland all day.

Following that logic… Peace! You’re probably new here. Welcome. Our goal since the beginning has been to create a platform for independent artists while uplifting our community. We’ve done that mostly through in-depth interviews and FM Radio, but there’s still a lot of ground to cover. Boston media has been much more receptive to hip hop lately & has been doing a good job providing coverage. However, they can only focus on a handful of acts at a time. Nothing wrong with that! It takes a lot of repeated exposure to break an artist. And we rock heavily with the names you’re seeing in the spotlight these days. Still, we wanted to expand and shine a light on a few more folks as well.

We’ll be writing a bit more in the weeks to come… Any requests? We’d also recommend subscribing so you catch the latest news. Big moves on the horizon…

Last but not least, huge shoutout to Graduation Music, Miixtape Chiick, & TheMUSEUM TV for their heavy blogging over the years. Killerboombox is a great resource for the culture, as well. It takes a lot of work to keep up with all that’s going on up here. Salute.

And now, the artists…

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