A Conversation with Lightfoot (Beats)

Lightfoot Beats interview LFOD
Lightfoot Beats Interview w/ LFOD

Lightfoot Beats x LFOD – From the vaults! On October 25th, 2019 the Hipstory homies took over the MFA Boston for the Hipstoric Night at The Museum II. What a night! I believe the final head count was over 1,000 people. It was not too long ago that hip-hop was struggling to find venues in Boston. Very excited to get back to the momentum that was rolling pre-pandemic…

We were able to sit down with a few of the artists who performed that night. Our interviews with Loman & Stiggity Stackz are embedded below, but right now we’re partying with Lightfoot. This night was a party indeed, but we caught up with him shortly after his *third* set of the night. You see the coffee…it’s probably 10pm at the earliest. Great convo – we talked in depth about his process & philosophy regarding art and why Rilla Force is the best producer ever, with lots of laughs in between.

What’s Lightfoot been up to in the meantime? Well, he drops new music almost daily on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter… wherever you want to hear it. He just released a new album, Camp 4 at the top of the year, as well. And there’s most definitely more to come. Stay tuned.

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LOMAN Interview with LFOD
Stiggity Stackz Interview with LFOD

LFOD Radio Ep. 163 (Featuring Stiggity Stackz)

We’re always looking to learn more about the artists around us, so we can introduce them to you, each other, and connect the dots between us all. Dancing & music are such a natural combo, but there still seems to be separation between the dancers & the musicians up here.

Ever since we met A-Ball, he’s been telling us about the vibrant community that exists and Stiggity Stackz’ role in it, so it was a pleasure to have him on to talk about the realities of life for him. We touched on a lot of things in this one. Recommended listening for anybody looking to find their way. 

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