The Hustler’s Circle

This design came about organically over the course of several conversations this year. We’ve been going live every week on IG, meeting new artists and catching up with old friends. A lot of the conversations have been about adjusting to the new ways of the world. A few artists have been very open in sharing their advice and predictions. At some point, we realized we were attracting natural entrepreneurs… hustlers. It became a place to make connections and build your skillset. This “circle of hustlers” we’d formed led me to brainstorm on what could visually represent our mentality, resulting in the hoodie you see here.

Every successful community is a mini-economy of emotional, ideological, and monetary currencies. The better you are at circulating these, the stronger & more protected you are from outside forces. We circulate our dollars within the arts, so this just made sense. If you want to manifest some circulation of your own, you can pre-order now. Available in black as well.

Curious to hear your thoughts – How’d we do?

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