The #StateOfNEHH

What is the #StateOfNEHH? For the past four years, we’ve gathered with artists and industry professionals to discuss the State of New England Hip-Hop. This year we’re back to ask: what does it mean to be a regional artist in 2020? How do you cut through the digital noise to reach your listeners? Our goal, as always, is to pull back the curtain and push the convo.

We’re live right here on January 7th at 6:30pm EST. Rilla Force will be starting the night with a DJ set, and then we’ll be joined by by Brandie Blaze, Brandon Matthews, CAEV, and Jessica Richards for the panel. Huge shoutout to Arielle Gray & Amelia Mason from WBUR for helping to put this together.

The past few #StateOfNEHH panels have been loaded with gems – watch/listen below to get up to speed.

If you have questions/topics you’d like to hear addressed, please let us know using the form below or by hitting us on Twitter @LFODRadio_

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