A Conversation with Jabs Supreme (Wealthy Records)

Jabs Supreme x LFOD Life x Wealthy Records
Jabs Supreme x Wealthy Records x LFOD Life

We’re gonna be dropping new interviews every week, going forward. Here’s another convo from early 2020, right before things went left. Ya’ll said we had to check in with Cyanca & LORD JAH-MONTE OGBON while we were in Charlotte. So, of course that happened – but we wanted to dig a bit deeper as well. Before meeting Cyanca, we asked if there was a local business she wanted to shoot at so we could spread highlight one of the city’s creative spaces.

Enter: Wealthy Records & Jabari, aka Jabs. He is the president & CEO of this Charlotte based recording studio, event-curation company, and artist collective. They roll deep too – you’re going to want to have a pen ready or your IG pulled up so you can tap in with everybody. We talked about the group of artists, their vision, what it really means to be “wealthy”, and the state of hip-hop in Charlotte. Things sounded like they were really picking up steam, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next once outside is back to 100%.

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Jabs Supreme introduces us to Wealthy Records

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