Alright, it’s time to see what these digital concerts are hitting for… We’re excited to announce our first lineup & what’s shaping up to be an exciting evening.

June 3rd is 6/03, 603 is the NH area code, and NH is where Live Free or Die (LFOD) began. So every year, we like to celebrate. We’ve had barbecues, raffles, exclusive gear, etc but this is the first concert! We’ll be broadcasting right from LFODDay.com or you could tune in on the platform of your choice (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc).

Not only are we fans of these artists, but we’ve interviewed all of them over the past few years, as well. Lightfoot’s is actually still unreleased (stay tuned), but you can learn a lot about him right on his Instagram. Get familiar via the links below:

Pop in and vibe out! Hear new music, make new friends, maybe win some merch… who knows what’ll happen. It’s live! These can be tough to keep track of, so we’d recommend setting a reminder in your phone now.

See you on the 3rd!

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