LFOD Radio 7.13.21 – Rilla Force [REWIND]

LFOD Radio 7.13.21 – Rilla Force #LFODMix

REWIND! We’re swinging the spotlight back to one of our guests from last year, Rilla Force. He is the originator of RNBDM, a great guy, and a damn good DJ as well. We’ve got a few of our own selections leading off the show before he takes it away. Big week for Boston hip-hop!

Most of these records reached us via submissions or word of mouth, so if there’s someone we need to get in the mix, let us know! Comments work or Twitter/Instagram.

We’ll be live again next Tuesday at 10pm, both streaming right here and on 91.5FM in Boston.

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Rock the mix and/or interview below and connect with Rilla on Instagram or Twitter.


Rilla Force #LFODMix

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