12.14.21 LFOD Radio

LFOD Radio 12.14.21 – Submissions #LFODMix

Shoutout to all the artists sending us music! Really happy with the mixes we’re able to put together over here. We’re back at it with a submissions #LFODMix this week, straight from our inbox to your eardrums.

If you missed DJ E Dubble last week, you’re gonna want to run that back as well. And then you might as well listen to our DJ Beanz mix, our BMA playlist… We’re starting to build up a bit of a catalogue.

We’ve also been dropping new episodes of STAMPED every week, where we share some of our favorite submissions. The series is brand new, but really like where it is going already. Episode 2 embedded below.

We’ll be live again next Tuesday at 10pm, both streaming right here and on 91.5FM in Boston.

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