8.24.21 LFOD Radio – Hoop Hop Cypher!

LFOD Radio 8.24.21 – Hoop Hop Cypher!

We were at Hoop-Hop this weekend with the mobile stu – First time at an event & it went well! Solar panels were pulling over 400 watts as we powered the DJ booth & then we hosted our cypher as well. Huge shoutout to Bakari JB & everyone involved in making this year another success.

We’ve got the audio from our cypher in this week’s mix, along with some new Boston hip-hop and a few West Coast artists we met out in LA. Seems like we’ll be traveling quite a bit going forward. Got somewhere you want us to pull up?

Stay tuned for the cypher videos and be sure to run last week’s #LFODMix from Deejay Dex back if you haven’t yet. We’ll be live again next Tuesday at 10pm, both streaming right here and on 91.5FM in Boston.

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Artists, as always, we’d love to spin your records.

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