Interview with The Record Co

Matt & Maria from The Record Co share their vision & update us on the new space!

The Record Co is a Boston-based community space for musicians, featuring four brand new recording studios, 15 rehearsal spaces, and all the bells and whistles you’d expect from such a location.

They were mid-renovation when COVID hit, so they made sure to include a top-notch HVAC system, as well. Each room has it’s own totally independent airflow. We talked more about safety and a LOT more about the music they’re ready to make in today’s interview.

These guys have a great mission, an exciting vision for the future, and they get things done! Definitely tap in when you can.

Long time listeners may recognize the name… Season VI of the LFOD Radio podcast was recorded at their Newbury St. location last year and we spoke at length with Jesse about their Beast compilation when that dropped in 2017.

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