LFOD Radio 3.23.21

LFOD Radio 3.23.21

Straight submissions this week! Shoutout to all the artists sending us records. We never quite know what we’re gonna get. This week ya’ll were feeling the melodies. Maybe next mix we’ll hit ’em with the bars? I know there’s a few artists on our radar that are rapping rapping.

If you’re curious about having more success with submissions in general, we just dropped a video breaking down the science. Follow those tips and you’ll do well.

If you missed DJ Manipulator last week or Candy Raine, or DJ STIX, or Jeff 2Timez… you can run their mixes back right here along with quite a few others.

Tap in with us on Twitter/Instagram & let us know what how you’re feeling! Or drop a comment below.

We’re back next Tuesday at 10pm on 91.5FM in Boston & streaming right here.

Artists! Hit us up.

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