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How To Get Played on The Radio [Submission Tips]
Get More (Meaningful) Spins – Radio Submission Tips

Peace – We’ve been on the air for almost 10 years now and have seen all sorts of submissions over that time. We also know that as an artist, you’d rather be making music than typing e-mails, so let’s make sure every one you send has the best chance of landing. Every situation is unique, but there’s some radio submission tips that will go a long way.

These aren’t rules for the sake of rules, there’s a human element to how songs make it to the airwaves and you want to make sure you’re going with the flow, not against it. You may know some of this already, but there’s a few things that almost everybody could improve on. And even if you’ve got it all down, I’ll bet you know another artist who could benefit from viewing.

On a related note… We’re always accepting submissions, so send us your records to get in the mix. They do not have to be clean. LFOD Radio is still FM, but we can get a bit wild now.

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