Our Top Shares of 2020

Cakeswagg has been lit all 2020, dropping bars every Tuesday for her fans. Tap-in.

We’ve been sharing more music than ever this year. We’re on the radio every week dropping new mixes, we tapped in with artists across the country for Season VI of the LFOD Radio podcast, and we launched our submissions form to make it easy for ya’ll to send us your art. When we say ya’ll, we mean artists, fans, and everyone in between. It’s been dope connecting with so many different people this year.

When we hear/see something, we say something! We do most of our sharing on Twitter and Facebook where we can post links, but there’s some gems on our Instagram as well.

We looked back through the analytics and put together this list of our audience’s favorites from January through November 2020. Some of these may be brand new to you, others could be welcome reminders… It’s been a wild year – not easy to keep track of all that’s happened.

Let us know what you think! And if you’ve got something you’d like us to share, we’re here for it!

And now the music… No particular order.

Caliph – Jog Your Memory/Melanin

Alex Place popped up in one of our IG Lives with his laptop and brought this one to our attention. Dope video. Caliph did his thing on the new SuperSmashBroz record as well.

K.A.A.N. – The Escape

K.A.A.N. (Knowledge Above All Nonsense) popped onto our radar heavy this year. We shared a few of his videos, but this was your favorite!

Open Mike Eagle – I’m a JoeStar

Not gonna front like we knew what a JoeStar was before this hit our inbox, but a lot of ya’ll definitely did and we have a much better idea now. From Open Mike Eagle‘s Anime , Trauma, and Divorce.

¥ac Marvelous – Cookies and Dreams

We’ve known ¥ac Marvelous aka Conrad Dalton for a minute now through his Bad Decisions Collective, so it was dope to see him drop his first video this year. Especially one so colorful and uplifting.

Des Pierrot – Denim .1

There’s a number of FIRE designers in Boston and Loverboy Club/ Des Pierrot is one of them. This new drop caught our eye. Sold out now, but we’re sure there’s new styles on the way.

REKS – Legacy Driven

REKS linked with Evidence for an early single off T.H.I.N.G.S. (The Hunger Inside Never Gets Satisfied), out now!

Estee Nack x al.divino – IMMORTALKOMBAT

Estee Nack & al.divino re-united earlier this year for IMMORTALKOMBAT, a Bandcamp download only release. Still one of our most shared posts, even without the option to stream. Believe this was also the introduction of The Hidden Character…

Poet Ov War – Time

Poet Ov War (Antt Plots/Shalom the Poet) stepped on the scene this year with “Time”, featuring Seti Tzu. They’re all vets in their own right, but this marks a new direction for the MCs.

Lightfoot – Conway the Machine Flip

Organic producer extraordinaire Lightfoot flipped Conway’s BANG on his SP-404 and we shared that as part of our promo for this post from the summer. If you like what you hear, definitely follow along on IG where he drops new music almost daily.

Echezona – Self-Care

We met Echezona when he came through the studio with BostonRISE, so it was great hearing from him again this spring as he prepped his solo release. Three songs in one here, all centered around the theme of self-care.

ALFii – Avalanche

Producer ALFii gathered up some of Boston’s best for this Final Fantasy 7 inspired mixtape. Press play and get hip with the quickness!

DJ Myth – Rap Night 7th Anniversary Mix

DJ Myth has been holding down Manchester & NH hip-hop in general for a minute now. Many know him from his role in the weekly Rap Night which brought emcees out every Sunday for seven years straight pre-COVID. He dropped this mix in honor of the 2020 anniversary.

The Squad & Andre X – The Push EP

The Squad linked with Andre X for a quick EP. Third is a personal favorite – captures the summer night vibe perfectly.

DJ Deadeye – LaST/ Batch

DJ Deadeye dropped this collection of B-sides and remixes, featuring Rare Gift with Faybeon

Thundercat – Dragonball Durag [Remix]

This song is just cool as hell. Glad everyone realized that.

Something We Missed?

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