A Conversation with Teddy Meanface

Teddy Meanface Interview with LFOD Life
Teddy Meanface Interview with LFOD Life

Teddy Meanface was the first interview on our 2020 roadtrip. It was also his first interview ever! Shoutout to King Philip for suggesting we link with him. And shoutout Latrell James for answering Teddy’s DM, which led to their collaboration, which led to KP meeting him in the first place… That’s really how these things happen.

Teddy has a background in jazz and started making beats once he began to seriously pursue rapping. He was having trouble finding the production he wanted, so figured he’d learn to make it himself. Along the way, he began supplying beats to other artists as well. We had an interesting convo about this evolution and his thought process as an artist. He’s very aware of how fans consume music and likewise, how he presents himself.

Listen to Odd Boy II here and everywhere and connect with Teddy on Instagram or Twitter.

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Teddy Meanface talks about his music
Latrell James – Grateful [Produced by Teddy Meanface]

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