LFOD Radio 4.13.21

4.13.21 LFOD Radio
LFOD Radio 4.13.21

First things first – Rest in peace Earl Simmons. This is one of those situations where what’s understood doesn’t need to be explained, so I’ll leave it at that.

We’ve had a lot of artists patiently waiting for us to spin their records, so that’s what this week’s mix is about. Last round of submissions was full of melodies – we kept it a bit more bar heavy this time around. Artists, you can hit us up whenever. In addition to these mixes, we have a weekly newsletter where we share your videos.

We’re also pretty active on Twitter & decent at Instagram as well. Always here for the conversation.

Speaking of which – Next week our show falls on 4/20…. What are you trying to hear?

We’re back next Tuesday at 10pm on 91.5FM in Boston & streaming right here.

If you missed our #24in24 episode, you can relive that here.

Bonus DMX Mix

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