We are VERY excited to announce our first concert. Since day one, LFOD has been about creating a platform for independent voices in New England & beyond. This began with the podcasts, progressed with the Alumni Cyphers, and now enters a new chapter at The Middle East.

Rayel, Wreck Shop, Tim Nihan, and Champ Chuck are all former guests of the podcast; you can listen to their episodes below. Casso, too- not only did he design the flyer, but he’s an ill rapper AND created the LFOD logo. 

What does Fasten have to do with all of this? Well, it’s a late show & the T sucks. So, we partnered with them to get you $20 off your ride home from the show. Just enter promo code LFOD when you sign up.

Buy Tickets Here.

Podcasts after the break.